Powered Paragliding.
Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 09:19PM

Sorry for the long haiatus.  It's been a busy year and I haven't had much time to work on projects.  The few projects I have been working on, I haven't done a good job at documenting.  This site is probably turning into a very sporatic life blog more so than a dedicated project site.  That being said, I do hope to submit future projects (time permitting).  I thought I would post something I have recently been doing.

I very recently got back from a trip to Midwest Powered Paragliding in Franklin, Indiana.  I spent about 9 days learning how to fly Powered Paragliders (PPG).  While I was out there, I got 36 flights in and earned my "PPG2" rating.   I went from knowing very little, to being talked through my first flights to now being fit to do this on my own without instruction.  This was an exciting adventure that I can't wait to do more of.

Here are a few videos and photos from this adventure...  The best way to keep up with my goings on is via my Youtube channel which I do post to more frequently :)



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