Futaba Transmitter Mod (Fly E-flite Bind and Flys!)
Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 09:57PM

Disclaimer:  Open your radio at your own risk.  I claim no responsibility for any damage caused or warranties voided.


I recently modified my Futaba 10C Radio (non-module version) to accept a Spektrum DSM module.  Here is a video overview of the project...


The idea originally came from reading this page on connecting a Dragonlink module.  I did not follow their instructions, However I did use their pin-out shown here...



Based upon this, I wired a 4 conductor audio jack into the transmitter.  Since I wasn't able to thread the nut on, I used some J.B. Weld to secure the jack into place.


The wire colors are as follows...

Yellow: PPM

Red: +V

Purple: Ind

Black: Ground


Similarly inside the module, I connected another jack.


Here are the finished versions...




I accidentally cracked the enclosure for the module while drilling out the hole.  I CA glued it back into place.  It seems to be holding pretty well.


If you have any questions please comment below and I will try to fill in more details.



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